Mission to South America

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Missione di pace in Sudamerica

The Associazione MotoforPeace is preparing for a new motorbike
mission covering half of South America: departure planned for Autumn

The new project is entitled “Panamerica”, and mirrors the journey
of the pioneers of world exploration, the first to challenge the frontiers of
the unknown, who in overcoming national isolation, embraced the great
adventure of the discovery of new worlds.
Following expeditions in Europe (Cape North – Jubilee year 2000;
Kosovo – Easter 2001), Asia (“Rome-Beijing” – 2002; Sabra and Chatila –
2006) and Africa (“A Bridge for Africa” – 2004), the Association has now
chosen to offer its solidarity and support in South America.

The expedition will include police officers from a number of
European countries, who on their charitable mission will cover a good part
of the famous Pan-American Highway, leaving from Venezuela and
finishing in Patagonia, with the goal of carrying out a humanitarian project
focusing on the children of a South American country: a tangible and
concrete gesture for a country in need of aid, friendship and support.

The current draft programme is based on a route from Caracas to
Buenos Aires, crossing the states of Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and
Argentina. This will be a long journey, across a continent of great variety,
not only geographically, with its polar ice and extensive open plains, but
also from a cultural point of view, including a diversity of civilisations,
traditions and ancestral models of living.
Our team will cross South America with a strong message of peace,
conscious of the need to avoid certain routes, not only for geographical
reasons but also for motives of security. Certain plains, valleys and forests
of central and south America where there might be at the very least the
risk of having to contend with insect bites, are now also off limits.

In this context, with the same objective as in our previous missions
in other parts of the world, we hope to offer our small gesture of solidarity
as a message of peace and fraternity, with the intention that our actions,
spreading by a positive chain reaction might be a contribution, if not one
that can bring about permanent change, at least a catalyst, diffusing the
atmosphere of global crisis which has become a sign of our times.

We are well aware of the difficulties which lie on the long path of
peace and tolerance, but our optimism gives us hope that after centuries of
crisis, depression, uncertain promises and unfulfilled settlements, we can
finally take part in the beginning of a stable chapter of peace and the
evolution of integration throughout the world.
Our journey represents a small step in this process of integration, of
understanding, of solidarity, like an outstretched hand ready to greet
another population in need of aid, responding to its plea for closeness,
dialogue, tolerance towards its cultural diversity, equanimity and respect.

When this hand is offered by the Police force, not of just one state,
but belonging to an entire continent, the message becomes stronger, more
significant, more important, and our team is committed to reinforce it in
all meetings which will be organised with representatives of the local