Africa 16 thousand

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Africa 16mila

Africa 16thousand – Solidarity travels by motorcycle

MotoforPeace association was founded in 2000 and is made by the Italian and European state policemen, who have recently been joined by IRS Italian agents and by “Carabinieri”.

This association is willing to do a new mission in Africa in 2010 travelling by motorcycle, which is typical of the association members. After Europe (Cape North – Jubilee 2000; Kosovo – Easter 2001), Asia (Rome – Beijing – 2002; Sabra and Chatila – 2006), Africa (“Un Ponte per l’Africa”- 2004) and America (“Sudamericando”- 2007 from Venezuela to Patagonia), the Association has chosen to promote its solidarity and to give its support once again to Africa by going through the North to the South, from Tunisia to South Africa.

The name of the project takes its cues from the total kilometres travelled by the humanitarian mission, that will end in South Africa in conjunction with the football world cup. Africa has always been at core of economic interests, of religion struggles and international terrorism, and it will now have a leading role in a sport challenge.

Today more than 40 million people are hungry. Wars, natural disasters, droughts, epidemic diseases (first of which HIV), they all keep killing people. Besides the donations, the health and food aids, it is necessary, therefore, that to fight against this pain a capillary aid is built over the whole territory, which should reach also the farthest villages. For that reason, the members of the association will trigger their inclusive journey passing also through the East African countries: Libia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambico and South Africa. Thus the trip will continue through this huge continent, that is made by astonishingly beautiful landscapes, and is populated by many different ethnic groups and different cultures, that takes the spectator’s breath away.

Solidarity goal
On the occasion of Africa 16.000, MotoforPeace will support a project launched by COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) in 2007 and aimed at improving the living conditions of women and children from Ethiopia.

Until now, these initiatives have produced concrete results in Africa, which needs ALL sort of help.
Africa has always been clamouring for integration with the rest of the world, and for recognition of the universal rights.

o to strengthen the exchange of experience and good practice among state policemen coming from different countries and from different social, cultural and local contexts
o To promote dialogue, solidarity and peace among the populations.

Members of the Italian State Police, of the “Carabinieri” and of European police representatives.

Departure from Milan in the presence of the town authorities and of the media.
– Milan – Rome – Salerno
– Participants boarding for Tunisia
– Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique
– South Africa: Pretoria Town – Johannesbourg – Cape Town

“MotoforPeace” team will as usual perform its mission travelling by motorcycle, followed by a pick-up and
by an off road-vehicle with on board technical experts.

May and June – 60 days approx.
Sky with MotoTv will ensure the visibility of this initiative through ten episodes, and from January 2010 it will pass on all the trips done by MfP from 2001 until today!
RAI will devote some television news
Virgin Radio will do some radio relays with Dj Ringo
Web sites for updates and news: and;
Radio MotoforPeace, “The Radio without borders”
on line: